Flying over Miami, Florida

This is something that we do on Saturdays, or Sundays, or even Tuesdays on a good week. The point is, only the weather can stop us from flying! Our little Cessna 172 takes us everywhere we want to go. Whether it’s a weekend in the Bahamas, a quick fly over Miami or a kite trip to the Keys, it is always there for us.

Just a few shots of the view while flying over Miami and Miami Beach. Maybe you’ll understand why we spend more time in the air than on the ground. You get all the beauty but avoid the crowd, admire the ocean but don’t get the street noise, see the sunset without having the high-rises in the way, etc…

The list is long and I could spend hours talking about the advantages of feeling free like a bird but this would be more time sitting and less time flying!


The One Epic Adventure crew

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