Photoshoot in Bimini, Bahamas

So there we were, 2 months ago. This is where I joined the adventure.
Here is a very brief summary who I am and how I got here. My name is Gwen, late late 20s… pushing early 30s really, French not much of an accent left, I recently quit my job in marketing to go explore the world instead of publishing pictures of it. Then 11 months later the phone rings: This is an invite to join on a photoshoot for Leopard Catamarans in the Bahamas. The advantage of not having a job is that you can jump on these opportunities!
The photoshoot happened over 5 days at the end of February, a lot of very early mornings to catch the right light at sunrise, long sets on the beach filming with sting rays (resulting in very heavy sunburns of course!), early bird dinners onboard the boats and so much more happy memories.
The best part of the trip was the diversity of people; South African film crew, South American models, French entertainment crew (me), a few American sailors with their kids to lead us to the best spot in Bimini and finally the marketing gurus who make the trip happen. Each one of us bringing our own bit of knowledge to the table.
Long story short, I met the right people. The good people. And I stuck around. This is the way life works apparently; grab opportunities and you will always get something good out of it! Sometimes, it is as much as a new life story!
So there it was, a week in Bimini – Bahamas, kiteboarding, snorkelling, sailing, rafting boats, making bonfires on the beach – and cleaning after us, paddle boarding, racing, and on a more general level, enjoying life and the extremely beautiful things that nature has to offer!

So for those of you who don’t know where to go next, message us and we will give you some good tips for a Bahamian trip!


More stories coming soon…
The One Epic Adventure crew

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