Road Trip in France

So here we are, just back from Warren’s first visit to France! 10 days, not enough time to visit everything but just enough for our brain to acclimate to the language. Do not get me wrong, I am French but this is still painful to hear and constantly translate after so much time spent away from home…

So it all started with a very interesting experience, flying WOW airlines!

This airline is cheap, this is a fact: $470 return Miami – Paris per person. Almost unbeatable! However, here is a little list of pros and cons:

  • Leg room (SO MUCH LEG ROOM!!!)Β 
  • Price
  • Stewardesses and Stewards (Young, energetic and very friendly)
  • Nothing is included (And when we say nothing, it’s nothing! Essentials like hand and checked bags, seat choice, water, meals, blankets, drinks, etc…)
  • It is expensive in Iceland!! Β (And it is the only place to purchase food and drinks on your layover if you don’t want to pay full price on plane…)
  • Cheap airlines mean cheap terminals Β in airports (not much choice when it comes to food or stores in the Paris or the Miami airport terminals for WOW Airlines)

Anyway, we made it to and back from Paris on a very decent budget and we now know what to bring with us on the plane next time we fly WOW Airlines!

I could talk about France and everything it has to offer for hours but they say that a picture can replace a thousand words so I will mostly be introducing the pictures and add a couple of videos to keep you interested!

Paris – city of Romance, History and Art

We arrived in Paris at 12pm after 26 hours of travelling, rented a car, drove to our lovely Airbnb apartment and after a good shower, went straight out for a ham and cheese baguette sandwich and a tour of Paris! No time to waste…

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24 Hours in Paris and we were on the road again… Leaving Paris and heading to Brittany…

With a quality driver, and a French car, we drove 6 hours to Concarneau where the sun only sets at 10pm these days! It made it a lot easier to finish the drive after almost 3 days without much sleep…

Brittany – A Breathtaking Coastline

Now for those who want to know a little bit more this region, let me share a few known geographical and historical facts…

  • Brittany is in the NW part of France (borders with Normandy, famous for WWII D-Day)
  • Very famous for being the region of France where CREPES were invented!
  • It has its own language that old and young people still speak
  • Its economy is not based on tourism but on agriculture
  • Most worldwide famous French sailors were born and raised in Brittany and therefore all know each other… it’s the best place to learn!
  • Everybody in France says that it rains all the time in Brittany, but Breton people say that it only rains on stupid people
  • In addition to crepes, the region is famous for sea food, oysters especially
  • It is the perfect destination for hikers and bikers! Almost 3,000km of coastline, all equipped with trails.

And this is how the beauty of the North West corner of Europe took our breath away…

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We stayed with my family in ConcarneauΒ and enjoyed all kind of walks, visits, beach days, sunsets, etc…

This is what made me realise that you don’t really appreciate where you come from until you are gone. So many stories, myths, history and tales come with the beautiful region of Brittany…

These were 10 fantastic days of exploring, discovering, and travelling through Brittany and Paris… Couldn’t have asked for a better weather to do it, perfect time of the year and perfect partner in crime! Speaking of which…

Warren did a fantastic job at capturing all the magnificence of this country, so I felt like a Behind the Scene slide show (using the Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus) was in order…

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventure in France, see you soon for a new blog post!

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