Leopard 48 Delivery along the East Coast

Thursday morning, we’re on the dock ready to go…

This was by far the best delivery that we could have hoped for; best crew, great sailing conditions, a wonderful boat but most of all, we had time!

The initial plan:

  • Leave Fort Lauderdale on a Leopard 48 on March 30
  • Deliver it to Deltaville,VA 5 days later

Well, let me just tell you, it took a little bit longer…

The journey began with a sunny day in Ft Lauderdale and a very motivated crew. This included Joshua, the owner of the boat, Mike & Michelle (his friends), Stew & Paulette and Warren & myself (Gwen). Β This was a very eclectic crew but with a common goal; bring Nikitasha, the Leopard 48 catamaran, back to Virginia.

First step, give her a name!


Second step, get the water tanks filled up and go to the fuel dock to top up the tanks and off we go! 7 people, 4 cabins, 1 skipper, 1 mate, 1 engineer, 1 cook, 1 entertainer and the rest of the crew, well, the more the merrier!

The boat performed beautifully on that first day and night shifts, all go until we lost one engine after the alternator fried. Things happen and we deal with it one way or another. In our case, it was time for a pit stop in St Augustine; This would allow us to fix the engine and fill up the tanks as well as getting a nice meal ashore!

As good tourists, we went on a quick walk around time and took a few shots of our favorite elements or places…

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But what was supposed to be a night stay turned out to be a full weekend as we needed to go to St Petersburg, FL to pick up the new alternator… Not complaining! This was a good opportunity to work on the other small things around the boat (like removing fishing lines from the shrouds – picture below) and explore the town for a bit longer.

Gwen up the mast

All good fun except that we lost two of the crew members (Mike and Michelle) who couldn’t miss work on Monday and had to head back to real life. We didn’t have this problem…

Once all of this done sorted and new alternator installed, we were on our way to the next stop: Charleston, SC.


Charleston was only 2 days away and everything was being timed perfectly with this storm heading towards us, coming from the North. Only one little glitch in our schedule: Who says storm, says full marinas. It took us a couple of hours and a lot of fake crying over the phone to convince a Marina to let us stay at the fuel dock… But not only did we find a spot, but we got VIP welcome at the MEGA DOCK in Charleston municipal marina, right by the town center. Wonderful news that made our skipper and the rest of the crew extremely happy and very relieved not to have to spend the night at anchor with predicted 60 knots of wind overnight.

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Charleston… what a beautiful place! Great food and stunning streets, especially Rainbow Row with its very very colourful houses…

And again, this was supposed to be a one night stay but turned out to be so much more… 2 days in town exploring, cleaning the boat, eating out, going to the market, we didn’t waste a second there! But it was finally time, not to go back to work, no… but it was time to go back on the water and complete the last leg of the trip: Charleston, pass Cap Hatteras and straight up the Chesapeake Bay!

Some really night sailing, the smoothest sea passing the cap, which was extremely appreciated and for some of the crew even a little disappointing (missing the whole “Drama” of passing one of the most dangerous caps of the world…). Personally, we were cooking, no one was sick, the sunset was amazing, I was happy!

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Last day on the water, we even got some fishing done! Sushi time and another cleaning mission on the deck as the blood sprays everywhere. But Joshua is on top of it! And cherry on top, first real catch for Warren! Happy bunny and later that day a very happy belly!

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And last but not least, the boys got to play with the one toy that they hadn’t taken out of the box yet, mostly because we were too busy sailing but also because it was a bit too windy…. the drone!

Perfect conditions for a flight around the boat and a few good shots of the Code zero up (and the crew pausing, ready for the money)!


We made it to the dock that same night, a few days later than expected (10 days total) with a floating boat and a happy crew!

For more stories like this one, stay tuned! We’ve only just started…

The One Epic Adventure Crew


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