Weekend in Paradise – Flying to Bimini

One seriously great weekend escape!

As some of you might know, the last weekend of May is usually Memorial Day Weekend in America. It is a great tradition which includes getting your Monday off work, but it also gets very chaotic in places like South Florida as many people use this opportunity to travel to the sunny state of Florida and hit the bars and/or the beach!

So we decided to escape the craziness of the town and fly off to the Bahamas. This was not only an excellent idea but also an excellent weekend.

This was also a first time in an airplane for our little fury friend Bowie! Brand new accessories for him including Mutt Muffs and a muzzle (for US customs of course because he is such a very ferocious dog…) πŸ™‚

Anyway, once everybody was equipped it was time for take off and we were all ready to head out to Bimini, the closest island to Fort Lauderdale, around 25 minutes away in our Cessna172. The view to go there is simply magical, between the coast line of Miami Beach and the arrival above Bimini airport, you get blown away!

The weather was so hot but it doesn’t matter when you’re in the Bahamas… suddenly the heat of the tropical weather that can be so unbearable in the city simply feels like a nice summer day on the island… It is all about perspective isn’t it!

And that’s when the fun began… we took the dinghy and went on a quest for the perfect beach… this is beach somewhere between “I am lost” and “Are we still in the Bahamas” mangrove paths… A lot of searching, not a lot of finding but the good news is that the journey was even more fun that the undiscovered destination.

We only had to face two small issues on that glorious day:

  1. The island (the entire island) was out of ice… we went a very large number of restaurants, gas stations, harbour master offices, tiki bars… nothing. So our last resort was to buy the beer directly from the bar and keep ours for later at home…
  2. The dinghy sort of lost its transom and almost took the outboard in its fall… but once again, we were lucky enough to, not only make it home without having to get the oars out, but also save the outboard! (that transom officially needs to be replace though)Β Did I mention that this was also Bowie’s first dinghy ride??

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The funny thing I noticed on this island (like any other island actually) is how you live with the sun; the sun goes up, I start my day, the sun goes down, I’m in bed ready to snore. I guess this is due to long days on the water but also the lack of technology when we’re out there… no tv, no laptop, not much reception on the cell phone either… so we can finally relax and disconnect for a little while. Who doesn’t dream of that once in a while!?

Our second day started with the sun rise and ended with a beautiful sunset… so many colours in the sky, and the stars! We forgot about the stars! I guess when you live in a city like Fort Lauderdale or Miami, you loose track of the stars as they are usually hiding behind the lights of the city and the pollution layer hovering over us… One more thing that we appreciate on a weekend like that: Pure, pink sky!

The next day was our chilled day at the beach, getting Bowie to swim for the first time too… what a weekend for him!

(I won’t mention the 3 litres of salt water he drank and a couple of minutes later gave right back to Mother Nature, with the widest open mouth… Too much for his first day out at the beach!)

Chilled beers, happy puppy, very relax adults, the beauty of a beach day in the Bahamas. Wish you were there!

The One Epic Adventure Crew



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  1. Bob Clark

    Hey loved your site, first time on it. Will definitely check out Bahamas cruising.

    Bob & Janice, our boat, Ile de Soleil, in the beautiful 1000 islands, you should check it out.


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