How it started…

Welcome to the bright side!

So, there is no short and easy way to describe our adventure and if you are reading this, it means that you want to know how and why we ended it up where we are. So here we go…

It all started as a family matter – Father and son, from South Africa who landed in Florida 20 years ago, share the same passion for adventure and uplifting experiences. The apple never falls  far from the tree you may think… And you are entirely right!

Setting up the GoPro on the wing

So there they were, Pat and his son Warren, living life to the fullest, always seeking new places to visit, trails to ride, seas to sail, skies to fly, etc… This is the beauty of their story; There is no limit to the amount of transport modes needed: airplanes, helicopters, monohulls, catamarans, bikes, motorcycles, surf boards, kite boards, fins, jet-skies, hobby cats, lasers, kayaks, or simply shoes…

Mack enjoying the ride

Anyway, these two athletes and adventurers had a lot of fun, but along the road, they added an extremely valuable companion to the story; he was known as Mack. He brought so much more than just a fury coat and 4 big paws to the table.

This puppy brought love, laughter, stamina and a real sense of friendship to the crew and was a true globetrotter. As I like to say, they lived more in their dog life and most humans ever will! Lucky little ones.

But the latest canine addition to the team is our small but tough, gentle but energetic, adorable but bouncy Bowie! Sweet sweet dachshund ready to jump aboard anytime!

Bowie at the park

You will say, we are missing a little bit of a feminine touch in this painting… but we kept the best for last! These two gentlemen were brave enough to go on this journey alone but why, when you can have the perfect partners in crime by your side! So this is how the crew grew bigger…

Flying – Michelle, Mack, Warren and Pat

Michelle, the brain of the operation; She dreams, she dreams big but most importantly, she makes it happen! Everybody can dream, it’s easy… but realizing these dreams is what takes the most energy, time and perseverance!

Never tired, always ready for a new challenge, a different destination, she keeps the minds thinking and the world turning. At least this One Epic Adventure great little exciting world!

Oh and Michelle also sells boats for a living, but one day she’ll be on the other side of the table and will get her own little (or not so little) vessel… This will be another step in our journey!

Leopard 45 - Gwen shot
Leopard 45 – Gwen shot

And then there was Gwen, latest crew member to take join the adventure. She comes from a travelling background too but a different kind; she moves from country to country, with 3 bags as her entire life story. 

With a marketing career in her pocket, she’s helped grow One Epic Adventure on the web so that you guys can virtually join the adventure and maybe one day meet us in a corner of the world, who knows!

Well now you know the most important details of our story and how we came together. As a little fun fact, Michelle and Pat met while cycling in Fort Lauderdale while Warren and Gwen met sailing in the Bahamas… It’s not a coincidence, and as we like to see it, we came together for a reason: Enjoying life to its fullest and share it with the ones we love!

Now, let’s go somewhere and do something! 

The One Epic Adventure crew

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